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SPARK Application – Education & Wellness

Schomp Automotive’s Philosophy of Giving Back to Our Community. SPARK is our vision to show community support to all people at every interaction with us. We believe in being a positive force in the communities where we live and work. From the top down, our culture of caring is infused into everything we do.

Our Causes and Passions.

  1. Schomp SPARKS Education
  2. Schomp SPARKS Wellness

SPARK Stewardship Support

Schomp Automotive understands that communities and individuals occasionally experience unforeseen events. We’re here to react and support where we are able. A specific fund has been set aside to make determinations about donations, both for our communities and for Schomp employees undergoing hardship.

Venue Rental

Schomp Automotive is proud to host community organizations at our many venue options. Please take a moment to read through the terms of use and if you’d like to apply for use, fill out the form below.