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Schomp Automotive
Teacher of the Year Program

Our Colorado Schomp Dealerships advocate for education and wellness in the communities we serve. We support small organizations that make big impacts within our focus of giving. We want to recognize our local Greater Denver area schools. Each year, we need your help in awarding one recipient for the Schomp Automotive Teacher of the Year.

About the Contest

The Schomp Automotive Teacher of the Year contest:

Our Colorado Schomp Dealerships want to award an Educator from school in the Greater Denver area who consistently goes above and beyond for their school, community and students.

An Educator will be chosen via online voting by peers, community members, and most importantly, the students they impact! One deserving finalist will be awarded a 3-year lease on a brand new car of their choice and the school at which they teach will receive a $5,000 gift for the program of their choice!

The Prizes

Three-Year Lease + Complimentary Maintenance

The winning Educator will be presented with a three-year lease on an all-new car of their choice from one of our Colorado dealerships.[1]

$5,000 Donation for Educational programs.

To make the contest even sweeter, the winner’s school will also receive a $5,000 donation for the program of their choice![2]


  1. The winner will receive a new lease from the existing inventory located at Schomp BMW, Schomp Ford, Schomp Honda, Schomp Hyundai, Schomp Mazda, Schomp MINI or Schomp Subaru. Schomp Automotive Group will prepay for the 3-year lease and the winner will be listed on the lease. The winner shall be required to execute the Agreement prepared by Schomp Automotive Group which sets forth the obligations of both Schomp Automotive Group and the winner which shall include, but not be limited to, the winner’s obligation to provide insurance for the leased vehicle, as well as, being required to complete any and all regularly scheduled and/or required maintenance on the vehicle. The winner is responsible for any taxes required for collection by the state of Colorado pertaining to the vehicle lease.
  2. The donation must go to a scholastic program that is directly a part of or sponsored by the winner’s school of employment, or a charitable organization of the winner’s choice.
  3. Schomp Automotive Group reserves the right to modify electronic voting submission records as needed for the purposes of, but not limited to removing submissions from outside of the geographic parameters of the competitions as determined by IP address, removing invalid “bot” submissions, and otherwise reducing illegitimate submissions that impede the integrity of the Teacher of the Year competition at the full discretion of Schomp Automotive Group.